Aber's 3D Crystal

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About Us

Aber’s 3D Crystal is located in Land O Lakes Fl. We are focused on making you the best 3D laser engraved crystal you can buy. (How this works.) The amount and quality of pixels determine the clearness of your television screen. In laser engraving, the image inside the crystal is known as a point cloud and the more points you can enter into the point cloud the better the image will turn out. There are three important factors in making a great crystal. The first is the software to transform the picture into the 3D image. The second is the laser machine and the third is the crystal. Through our research, we have found the most advanced software and laser machine on the market today. We also have the finest K9 crystal made in the world today. A 3D laser engraved crystal will last forever and this is why we put so much effort into each crystal we produce and make you glad you purchased your customized crystal from us.

Customized Crystal Engraving

When you're in the market for personalized gifts, choose Aber's 3D Crystal. We take your favorite images and turn them into beautiful, one-of-a-kind crystal mementos. Reinvent old family photos or pay homage to your wedding day, family, special events, memorials, and pets. With our customizable crystals, anything is possible.

How It Works

We turn your favorite pictures into crystal keepsakes. Simply email us your favorite picture, and we'll turn it into a gorgeous commemorative crystal that will last for years to come. For optimum personalization, you can even choose the shape and size of your crystal. Options can vary from a 1" square crystal all the way up to a 3" x 6" x 8" crystal. All text inside the crystal is included at no charge on all our crystals.